We invite creatives from various fields to apply for our art residency in Panevėžys 2023 July 16 - 30

Atranka jau baigėsi, dalyvauk kitais metais!

IŠKROVOS is an independent arts platform and innovative cultural project in northeastern Lithuania. Since 2014, this cultural event has been held annually, drawing artists, performers, and guests from Lithuania and abroad to collaboratively transform a former supply company’s administrative building in Panevėžys into a vibrant alternative cultural hub.

2023m. liepos 22-29 dienomis IŠKROVOS will also open its doors with an annual festival program and a 500m2 gallery exhibition that brings together industry, music, contemporary art and local creative potential. This residency program aims to expand the festival's activities and rethink the relationship between contemporary humans and industrial environments in the Anthropocene era, fostering critical thinking, creativity, innovative ideas and processes, artistic exchanges, and collaboration. 

The residence aims to center on the artistic research process, creating long-term value for both participating creators and audiences alike. It does so by examining the shift from industrial to creative contemporary local cultural identity, thereby revitalising 20th century industrial heritage and its reuse at local, regional and national levels. At the end of the residency, artists are not expected to have completed finished art projects, but rather the experiences, collaboration, and discoveries are intended to contribute to their future work and to make the IŠKROVOS building a permanent cultural dialogue platform.

The program is open to artists, curators, architects, and designers, we also welcome proposals from other professionals. Throughout the first week of the residency, four residents and organisers will share the building, joined by some of the IŠKROVOS festival program participants during the second week. Immersed in this creative environment, the residents' daily routines will inspire the exploration of new forms of artistic research and dialogue, all of which will culminate in an exhibition, workshops, and publication.

Scholarship and expenses

Each participant is to receive a grant of 250 EUR for creative work, materials, and workshops, as well as free accommodation and meals. 

Travel expenses for residents from abroad and other cities are covered according to their agreement with the organisers.

Duration of residency

2 weeks, from July 16-30, 2023

Work and living conditions

Participants are invited to reside in the former administrative building of a supply company at Tiekimo g. 4, Panevėžys. It is a 1000m2, two-storey building with a yard in an industrial area. The building features numerous small-sized rooms (former offices), a few large spaces, a nuclear shelter, a non-functioning sauna and a pool, a shower, and a kitchen. Two bedrooms are located in the former offices, and four residents will share them simultaneously.

Several rooms in the building are filled with various materials such as glass, ceramics, cardboard, fabrics, electronics, etc., which can be used if desired, promoting the theme of reuse.

Bicycles will be available. Well-behaved pets are welcome.

If you have any questions about the conditions, please write to residency program curator
Gretė Ona Tvarkūnaitė 

Public Presentation

The first week of the residency (July 16-22) will be dedicated to getting to know each other, exploring the residency theme, and the creative process. The second week (July 22-30) will be dedicated to the festival, artistic activities and presentations. The collaboration will be encouraged - depending on the project's nature, four residents will be asked to set up one or two shared studios/laboratories/worlds in former offices that will become open to the public during the festival. There residents will continue their research and on one of the festival days will be asked to conduct a workshop. They will also be asked to create text and/or images for the IŠKROVOS residency publication. Anything is possible in the rooms. You can also think about activities in the yard, on the stage, or creatively activate/engage the entire building.

From July 22-30, IŠKROVOS will open its doors to the public with the annual festival program and a 500m2 gallery exhibition. The festival opening will take place on July 22, during which the gallery, residents studios and three live and electronic music stages will open in the building's spaces. Residents will enjoy the festival program and complement it by presenting their research. The music and art festival is expected to attract an audience of over a thousand people.


We invite you to fill out the application form by May 31, 2023.

Selection process

Artists will be selected through an open call based on the following criteria:

- interdisciplinarity, encompassing different areas of art;

- professionalism, authenticity, and innovation, or in other words, artistic originality and alternative approaches;

- motivation, expected methodology of artistic research, and relevance;

- ability to work with the local community and involve participants of different ages and abilities in the creative process;

- taking into account the strength of the applications, the residency program aims to include at least one creator from Panevėžys.

Participants will be selected by the team of the IŠKROVOS platform.

The residency program is partially funded by the Lithuanian Council for Culture.